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My Favorite Beauty YouTubers

Cable TV is quite expensive… and as a jobless college student, I decided that Netflix and YouTube is the way to go! With that being said, I watch a lot of YouTube - so I definitely have my favorites! I’ve been into makeup a lot lately so I typically watch beauty YouTubers. Now, this isn’t to say that I dislike anyone that I don’t mention, these are just the people I watch the most, for whatever reason!

Nazanin Kavari
Naz was actually the first beauty YouTuber that I started watching. I have no idea how I found her but she is from my home city so I probably saw her on social media somewhere. Anyways, I really love her main channel videos (beauty and fashion) and her vlog channel that she shares with her sister. I just think she is super genuine and bubbly, which is fun to watch. I also really like the tutorials that she does, they are usually pretty natural - which is how I do my makeup! I have bought one product that she recommended, Too Faced Hangover Primer, and I love it! I would buy more of her recommended products but I’m broke:) If you haven’t already, check out her main channel, her vlog channel, and her sisters channel!

Kathleen Lights
Oh Kathleen, I swear we would be great friends in real life. She is so cute, unique, and incredibly relatable. When I watch her videos I feel like she’s just being herself and not putting on any front for the camera, you know what I mean? I also love how honest she is. She will always give you her true opinion on a product and explains why, which makes me trust her. Unfortunately, she has very dry skin and I have more normal/combo to oily skin, so a lot of the products she loves are for people with dry skin. But that’s okay, at least I know what products won’t work for me! You should all check out her channel!

Jaclyn Hill
Okay, I know Jaclyn is a hot topic for some people. But I honestly really love her. Her personality is amazing and so vibrant and she isn’t afraid to be herself, no matter what people say. She lives her life to the fullest and works her butt off and I have nothing but respect for that! With that, she is incredibly knowledgeable about makeup and skin care, she has helped me so much. Not many YouTubers, at least that I watch, go into so much detail during their tutorials. She also has so many unique tips and tricks that she will teach you! I would absolutely check out her channel to learn anything and everything about makeup.

I have only recently started watching her channel, I actually found her through Kathleen, but I love her so much already. Her makeup is always amazing and I learn so much from her. She is also very honest and real about products and her life - she is just so genuine. She is also hilarious - like I always have a good time when I watch her videos! Her videos are a can’t-miss for me, truly. If you haven’t yet I would really check out her channel!

Alexandria Ryan
Okay, so she does beauty YouTube a bit different. She doesn’t really do tutorials (even though she should because her makeup is bomb) but she does Beauty Unboxing and occasionally Get-Ready-With-Me. I love her personality so much - she is hilarious, real, honest, and so sweet! She unboxes soo many different beauty boxes - so if you are looking to get one and you don’t know what to get I would definitely check out her channel!
Honorable Mentions Here are a few other YouTubers that I really enjoy!
Like I said before, these are just the people where I can’t miss an upload. I love them all so much and I really learn a lot from each one. But like I said, I watch so many different YouTubers so if you don’t see your favorite on here don’t worry, I probably watch them lol! With that being said, who are your favorite Beauty and Fashion YouTubers? Let me know in the comments!


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