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Can't Find A Major That Is Perfect For You? Make Your Own!

For the first three years of my college career I was struggling to figure out what major I belonged in. I really didn’t want to be stuck after graduation - I wanted to make sure I had a job that I enjoyed. Because of this, I didn’t want to limit my education - I wanted something that gave me a little bit of everything. Luckily, my university has a program that lets me create my own major. If you feel like you haven’t found your perfect major yet, why not create your own! I suggest doing some digging in your university programs or talk to your advisor! If you are unsure about this DIY major then keep reading!

In my about me I told you that I’m graduating with a degree in Event Planning and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s complicated, because, well, I make my own major *cue the confused face*. A lot of people are really curious about what I mean when I tell them here it goes!

I will be graduating in May with the degree...

...Which doesn’t explain what my course work consisted of at all...but that’s okay.

Now, I’m not sure if many schools have this program or something similar (here is a list of at least 20 schools), but they should. BSS basically means that I get to create my major and make it unique to what I want to do as a career - so mine is in Event Planning. I have to take the Gen Eds - sciences, English, math, etc. - like everyone else but those are my only required classes set by the university. For my major, I got to make my own required classes, and I can really pick from the entire university catalog (I’m not restrained to just 1 or 2 majors).

I had a lot of fun picking out my classes because I learned a lot about different majors that I didn’t even know existed. A lot of my classes came from 4 broad majors - Business (mainly marketing), Communication, Hospitality, and Recreation Management. During the process of researching classes, I came across the certificate program that my school offered.

Certificates are basically a smaller version of a minor - so like 5-7 classes. Since I was building my own course list, I figured why not add a certificate into it and kill two birds with one stone (I really hate this saying..but like, is there another saying that gets the same point across? If so, let me know please!) So I decided to do the entrepreneurship certificate because I would LOVE to be my own boss someday.

What am I going to do with this major? Great question! Well my ultimate goal is to have my own event management business - I want to plan weddings, parties, races, etc. But this dream is way down the road in my career. Right now, I’m looking at positions in events, marketing, PR, hospitality, and sports.

To be completely honest, this major changed my outlook on going to school and it made me way more excited to graduate and get into “the real world”....I was seriously struggling finding a major that fit all my interests... which was making me question why I was even going to school. If you’re someone who’s in the same boat as I once was, I would highly recommend researching everything your (potential) school has to offer. Even when I found BSS and started looking at all the courses my university has, I found even more majors that I didn’t even know about.

Well, there you have it! If you’re a student, or a soon to be freshman, I hope this post helped you think about new majors, or at least open your mind to doing some more research. I am actually reading a book right now about expanding your thought process about career paths, which can be applied to majors, so if you want a post on that book when I finish it let me know!

Thanks for reading everyone! Leave a comment what your major is/was and what you plan to do with it (or have done)!


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